Complete Guide To Buy An Air Cooler

Published: 02-02-2023

The need of the hour is an AC, but if that’s something that doesn’t fit in your budget, don’t sweat it out (literally). Go for the next best thing an KayBee air cooler. They might not give you a wintertime chill like an air conditioner but they’re one-fourth the price of ACs and are easy on the electricity bill too. Here’s what you need to know when investing in a good KayBee aircooler, KayBee group having manufacturing unit in bathinda, punjab.

How Air Cooler work

Air coolers are box-like units that consist of a fan, water-soaked pads and a pump. To use the cooler, you have to fill it with appropriate amounts of water. When you switch it on, the hot air from the surrounding is circulated in the cooler and sent through the water-cooled pads. This lowers the temperature of the air by quite a few degrees before this cool air is blown out into the room.

Types of Air Coolers

There are two kinds of coolers, a desert cooler and a room cooler. While they both work in the same way, evaporation of water that helps cool the surroundings, there are a few features that set them apart. 

1. The desert cooler is usually fitted outside a window and takes in the air from outside. The fan in this unit is used as an exhaust. It usually provides better cooling. However, it also requires more space, water and power.

2. The room cooler on the other hand is less powerful than a desert cooler. This cooler is kept inside the room and is placed on a trolley that can be moved around. The fan in this cooler is used to force the air out. 

3. If you’re really looking for a cooling unit to help combat serious heat, the desert cooler is ideal. However if the room is small and the temperature is not too scorching, a room cooler will suffice. Based on how they function, there are three kinds of coolers- direct evaporative coolers, indirect evaporative coolers and two-stage evaporative coolers. 

a. The direct evaporative ones are the most widely used coolers. They lower the temperature of the air by the use of latent heat of evaporation which changes water to vapor. 

b. The indirect evaporative one operate by using some form of a heat exchanger . The cooled moist air doesn’t come in contact with the outside environment. c. Two stage coolers as the name suggests, go through two stages when cooling. First, the air is pre-cooled by a heat exchanger and this pre-cooled air then goes through the water soaked pads. This particular type of cooler helps lessen humidity.

Size matters

KayBee Air coolers come in various sizes to fit the requirements of your room. They are rated by air delivery or the cubic feet per minute of air (CFM) that they can blow out in the room. Here’s a simple formula to calculate your requirements. Multiply the area of the room in square feet with the ceiling height and divide that number by two. This will give you the CFM of the airflow needed. (Room size in sq ft X ceiling height / 2 = CFM of airflow Example: If the room is 500 sq ft and the ceiling height is 8 ft, then 500 X 8 / 2 = 2000 CFM That means, you will need a cooler with a minimum air flow of 2000 CFM Read the air delivery details that come with the air cooler before you buy one.

Features of Air Coolers

Air cooler come with a variety of features but here are some of the important ones that can be of great benefit to you.

Cooling pads

The cooling pads used in most air coolers these days are the honeycomb ones as they are designed to provide maximum cooling, low-pressure drop and longevity.  It is essential to check for pad thickness too. Ideally, it should be at least 90 mm thick in order to cool the air well.

Electronic Thermostats

Coolers with electronic thermostats can vary the fan speed and also switch off and on the pump and fan automatically.

Water level controller

Air cooler with automatic water level controllers can maintain water in the unit at pre-set levels. The automatic controller allows or prevents the water from the connection to flow into the cooler tank. This prevents flooding of excess water.

Water level indicator

The indicator on the water tank helps you determine how much water is in the tank. This saves you the effort of opening and closing the cooler to check for the water.

Automatic shutoff dampers

These shutoff dampeners are flaps that open when the fan starts and shuts when the fan is put off. Having this feature covers the cooler when it’s not in use thus reducing the loss of cooling from the cooler.

Adjustable speed

Coolers with variable speed allow you regulate the speed as per your liking and helps you control the temperature in case it gets a little too cold.


Movable air coolers come with castors at the bottom which help you move the cooler around freely. This makes it easy when you want to drag it across rooms.

Remote control

All the latest air coolers come with remote controls that make things easy and convenient when customizing the modes.


Some air coolers also come with a timer, where you can set a sleep time on the unit. This is particularly helpful if you don’t want to keep the cooler switched on all night.


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What Is An Air Cooler & Why Should You Choose An Air Cooler?


What Is An Air Cooler & Why Should You Choose An Air Cooler?

In a world full of air conditioners, have you met its reliable, economical and equally efficient counterpart, the good old air cooler? As the name suggests, it's an air cooling device that will help drop the temperatures around you, and can be used by those living in hot, dry weather conditions. If the air quality is dry, chances are that an air cooler will be a better and an eco-friendlier option for you as it tends to perform better and last longer given the harsh weather conditions and the unbearable heat. So where and how can you buy the best air coolers in India? Okay wait, where can you get the best air coolers? The answer to both is Kaybee. Getting the right choice and the right device for your family is just a click away! Choose from a variety of options that suit your requirements and live in comfort and style. What Are the Different Types of Air Coolers? There are four main varieties of air coolers, and you can choose one based on your requirement. 1. Portable As the name suggests, these air coolers are portable and easy to move around. Preferred largely for personal use, they will instantly cool the air around your making it comfortable. Also referred to as “mini coolers”, these shouldn’t be used in large rooms. Given their compact size and weight, they’re easy to carry around, will keep the air quality round you fresh and save on energy too.   2. Desert If you’ve already figured it from the name, these air coolers are to be used in areas with harsh and dry weather conditions. Given that they work on the concept of evaporating heat from the water and in turn pushing out cool air, these are ideal with desert regions Hence, the name desert coolers. Again, they're cost efficient, hassle free and low maintenance room coolers and a preferred option if you live in areas with a dry climate and excessive heat. 3. Tower Suited for large spaces, tower coolers are a combination of fan and water cooling. They usually require good maintenance as they’re large units, but given their size and capacity, they’re also much stronger and cool big rooms faster. They’re cooling works in a way where the air is distributed vertically and evenly, which means no complaints from anyone in the room. And if you think they make a lot of noise, think again. 4. WindowMuch like window ACs, these are also installed in a window frame occupying much lesser space inside your room. The tank is outside the window, and these are strong, powerful room coolers which, however, require good and regular maintenance. Again, given they’re powerful performance, they may cost a bit higher, however, they’re long-lasting, sturdy and do the job required efficiently. How Do You Know What’s the Right Air Cooler for Your Home? Selecting an air cooler needn't be a cumbersome process. A few factors play a pivotal role in you making the right purchase. The right air cooler for you should be chosen based on the size of your room, the price, brand and ease of purchase and the service provided after. A few factors to keep in mind while purchasing the best air coolers online are the water tank capacity, airflow, auto water filling and auto drain features, design, caster wheels and dry run protection among others. If you’re brand conscious, KayBee Group  is Bathinda based manufacturing Co., Manufactures Household cooler of metal body & Fiber body of Very high Quality. Why Should You Choose an Air Cooler? The answer to this is simple- because it’s long-lasting, efficient and reliable. However, here are some more reasons: ●       It improves air quality ●       It’s energy saving ●       It’s eco-friendly ●       It’s economical ●       It’s portable and easy to move around ●       Comes with a variety of exciting features such as noise control, remote control, multiple speed settings, dry run protection, airflow, auto water filling and auto drain features and much more.


Protect Yourself In This Summer Heat


Protect Yourself In This Summer Heat

It’s that time of the year again - the time when we sweat through all our pores and wait desperately for rains to arrive. The summertime in India can be brutal even for the most experienced of us. Besides making us feel tired and zapped, it can even be downright harmful by increasing the risk of heatstroke. So how does one protect oneself in this heat? Across India, millions of people are making calculations for AC and Air Coolers. The share of Indians with air conditioning is still small, roughly 5 percent, but it's growing fast. Rising incomes are making air conditioners more attainable, while rising temperatures are making them a necessity. “There are hundreds of millions of people for whom air conditioning doesn't seem like a luxury good,” said Michael Greenstone, director of the Energy Policy Institute at the University of Chicago. “It can mean the difference between life and death.” The world is on track to add 700 million new ACs by 2030, and 1.6 billion by 2050, largely in hot, developing countries like India and Indonesia. But the AC boom threatens to worsen the crisis it’s responding to, and widen the divide between those who can afford to stay cool and those left out in the heat. Air conditioners use refrigerants, and some of the most common types - hydro fluorocarbons, or HFCs - are powerful greenhouse gases, with thousands of times the warming potential of carbon dioxide. If HFC use continues to grow at its current pace, these chemicals could make up as much as 19 percent of emissions by 2050. International initiatives are set to phase down the worst offenders, but air conditioners contribute to climate change in a second way: they consume a tremendous amount of electricity. Handling the growing load will require adding thousands of new power plants to the grid. Coolers can also do something air conditioners cannot: because they lower the temperature of the air that passes through them, rather than removing heat from a sealed room, they can cool people in huge open spaces and even outdoors. Cavernous factories, warehouses, outdoor restaurants, and amusement parks will be growing markets for coolers, especially as temperatures rise. Features of Air Coolers: 1. Quality of Air 2. Economical Alternative of Air Conditioner 3. The Eco-friendly Route 4. Easy Installation & Portable As you can see that air coolers definitely have their own place in the world. Especially, since they come with such a host of features like silent operation, remote control, multiple speed settings and more. Moreover, nowadays coolers are digitally enhanced and aesthetically pleasing to fit right in. Now that you are informed, go ahead and invest in a quality air cooler to keep the sweltering heat away.  


DIY Ideas To Keep Cool Your Home During Summer


DIY Ideas To Keep Cool Your Home During Summer

The long, hot summers of India can be quite unforgiving. As temperatures rise, most of us resort to keeping our homes cool by using air conditioners. The irony is, while draining our pockets to keep our houses cool, we are also burning enough fossil fuels, making the world a hotter place. Check out these tips that will keep you and your house cool, save you money, and help you be kind to the earth: Use water to cool the home Home hacks can work well. A simple trick involves using a bucket of water. Dip the bottom hems of your curtains into the bucket and leave the fan on. The water slowly seeps upwards through the fabric and the breeze will carry the coolness into the room. Keep the rooms dark We all know how relaxing it is, to get away from the glare of a hot summer sun and into a cool space, under the shade. To achieve this, buy cotton curtains in the darkest colour possible. Ensure that the curtains have a thick lining, so that the sunlight doesn't fade them. Dark green or brown are easy choices. Keep the curtains drawn shut, right from morning. If your room stays shielded from sunlight all day, it is bound to remain relatively cooler. Leave the bathroom door open Keep your bathroom door open, pour a few litres of water on the floor and let the breeze do its job again. Place plants near the window Leafy plants, too, can work wonders. If you have some large decorative or potted plants around, move them closer to your windows. They will absorb most of the heat and create a cooling effect around them. Leave the fridge alone You may be tempted to reach for cold water and ice-cubes frequently, but opening and shutting the refrigerator multiple times, increases the load and temperature on its motor. This, in turn, increases the ambient temperature in your house. Use cool lighting options From LEDs to fluorescent lights, there are many cool lighting options available, so there’s no reason to continue using hot incandescent bulbs. Similarly, switch off all electrical appliances, especially the TV, when not in use. Even a mobile charger emits heat. Use cotton fabrics Summer is no time for fancy satin or silk bedsheets, or for faux leather upholstery. Buy at least one set of crisp cotton bedsheets, in white or pastel shades. If your couch is upholstered in any fabric that’s not cotton or linen, buy some sofa covers or throws that are made of cotton. Open the windows at sunset If you throw open your windows at the right time, you will get the benefit of the cool evening breeze. This will lower the temperature of your home and make it more comfortable for the night ahead. Also, open up every internal door in your house, including kitchen cabinets and bathroom, bedroom and closet doors. This will help, to dissipate the heat that is built up during the course of the day and reduce the overall temperature. Remember to close these doors as soon as the next day dawns and the sun is up again. Buy Air Cooler Nothing can give you respite from the sweltering heat in India other than an AC or an air cooler. If you are confused between an air cooler and an air conditioner, then you are not alone.  Air coolers are an economical option than an AC. The price of an air conditioner in India may range between Rs.25,000 and Rs.60,000. On the other hand, the cost of an air cooler is between Rs.5,000 and Rs.20,000. Not only the buying cost, but the cost of operating an air cooler is also much lower than an AC. An air cooler consumes up to 80% less electricity than an AC. Also, an air cooler consumes only 30% more power than a ceiling fan. Example:  If you are paying electricity bills of up to Rs.2,000 per month on using an AC, the same will be Rs.500 for an air cooler. Hence, if you are looking for an economical alternative to beat the heat, then buying an air cooler is a smart option. In India, you can find many leading brands offering different air coolers in multiple price ranges. You can opt for one as per your needs and budget.  Air coolers don’t need any installation Air coolers don’t require you to get them installed before you can start using them. You can simply fill water in the tank and plug the power button to begin experiencing cool air instantly. For air conditioners, you can’t start using them after buying unless installed. You need to make proper adjustments in the window and wall in case of the window and split ACs to install them. You may also need some extra wiring and a stabilizer to ensure proper operations without issues. Now that you are informed, go ahead and invest in a quality air coolers by Kaybee Air Coolers to keep the sweltering heat away.