Complete Guide To Buy An Air Cooler

Published: 02-02-2023

The need of the hour is an AC, but if that’s something that doesn’t fit in your budget, don’t sweat it out (literally). Go for the next best thing an KayBee air cooler. They might not give you a wintertime chill like an air conditioner but they’re one-fourth the price of ACs and are easy on the electricity bill too. Here’s what you need to know when investing in a good KayBee aircooler, KayBee group having manufacturing unit in bathinda, punjab.

How Air Cooler work

Air coolers are box-like units that consist of a fan, water-soaked pads and a pump. To use the cooler, you have to fill it with appropriate amounts of water. When you switch it on, the hot air from the surrounding is circulated in the cooler and sent through the water-cooled pads. This lowers the temperature of the air by quite a few degrees before this cool air is blown out into the room.

Types of Air Coolers

There are two kinds of coolers, a desert cooler and a room cooler. While they both work in the same way, evaporation of water that helps cool the surroundings, there are a few features that set them apart. 

1. The desert cooler is usually fitted outside a window and takes in the air from outside. The fan in this unit is used as an exhaust. It usually provides better cooling. However, it also requires more space, water and power.

2. The room cooler on the other hand is less powerful than a desert cooler. This cooler is kept inside the room and is placed on a trolley that can be moved around. The fan in this cooler is used to force the air out. 

3. If you’re really looking for a cooling unit to help combat serious heat, the desert cooler is ideal. However if the room is small and the temperature is not too scorching, a room cooler will suffice. Based on how they function, there are three kinds of coolers- direct evaporative coolers, indirect evaporative coolers and two-stage evaporative coolers. 

a. The direct evaporative ones are the most widely used coolers. They lower the temperature of the air by the use of latent heat of evaporation which changes water to vapor. 

b. The indirect evaporative one operate by using some form of a heat exchanger . The cooled moist air doesn’t come in contact with the outside environment. c. Two stage coolers as the name suggests, go through two stages when cooling. First, the air is pre-cooled by a heat exchanger and this pre-cooled air then goes through the water soaked pads. This particular type of cooler helps lessen humidity.

Size matters

KayBee Air coolers come in various sizes to fit the requirements of your room. They are rated by air delivery or the cubic feet per minute of air (CFM) that they can blow out in the room. Here’s a simple formula to calculate your requirements. Multiply the area of the room in square feet with the ceiling height and divide that number by two. This will give you the CFM of the airflow needed. (Room size in sq ft X ceiling height / 2 = CFM of airflow Example: If the room is 500 sq ft and the ceiling height is 8 ft, then 500 X 8 / 2 = 2000 CFM That means, you will need a cooler with a minimum air flow of 2000 CFM Read the air delivery details that come with the air cooler before you buy one.

Features of Air Coolers

Air cooler come with a variety of features but here are some of the important ones that can be of great benefit to you.

Cooling pads

The cooling pads used in most air coolers these days are the honeycomb ones as they are designed to provide maximum cooling, low-pressure drop and longevity.  It is essential to check for pad thickness too. Ideally, it should be at least 90 mm thick in order to cool the air well.

Electronic Thermostats

Coolers with electronic thermostats can vary the fan speed and also switch off and on the pump and fan automatically.

Water level controller

Air cooler with automatic water level controllers can maintain water in the unit at pre-set levels. The automatic controller allows or prevents the water from the connection to flow into the cooler tank. This prevents flooding of excess water.

Water level indicator

The indicator on the water tank helps you determine how much water is in the tank. This saves you the effort of opening and closing the cooler to check for the water.

Automatic shutoff dampers

These shutoff dampeners are flaps that open when the fan starts and shuts when the fan is put off. Having this feature covers the cooler when it’s not in use thus reducing the loss of cooling from the cooler.

Adjustable speed

Coolers with variable speed allow you regulate the speed as per your liking and helps you control the temperature in case it gets a little too cold.


Movable air coolers come with castors at the bottom which help you move the cooler around freely. This makes it easy when you want to drag it across rooms.

Remote control

All the latest air coolers come with remote controls that make things easy and convenient when customizing the modes.


Some air coolers also come with a timer, where you can set a sleep time on the unit. This is particularly helpful if you don’t want to keep the cooler switched on all night.


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Things To Know Before Buying Evaporative Cooler


Things To Know Before Buying Evaporative Cooler

Can we get through the summer heat by using a solution that promises high-energy efficiency? A Portable Evaporative Cooler is capable of delivering a high level of cooling power in a highly effective way. Interestingly, it also consumes less energy while delivering unmatched cooling power. An Evaporative Cooler is a device which is also referred to by many as a swamp cooler. It is a unique cooling device that is suitable for the dryer climates. This explains why they are widely used in the West. The cooling system is inexpensive to acquire and cheap to operate as well. An evaporative cooling system functions by introducing water vapor into the atmosphere, which helps to lower the temperatures. The concept of evaporative cooling is actually a natural phenomenon, which often occurs virtually everywhere in our surroundings. To understand the concept, you can simply turn on your garden sprinklers. When you stand adjacent to the area of your yard being watered, you’ll notice that the air is much cooler. This is similar to the concept of evaporative cooling. Now more and more people choose to use portable evaporative coolers which could offer an eco-friendly and cost-effective to conventional air conditioners. However, there are some things you have to know before purchasing portable air coolers. 1. Where applicable for Evaporative cooler ?Evaporative coolers are more eco-friendly and efficient in energy consumption than AC. Typically, they are also more powerful than normal fans. They are used to cool include Church ,Coffee Shop, Computer Shop, Factory, Farm, Fastfood, Grocery, Gym, Hospital, Industrial, Hotel, Home, Kitchen, Laundry Shop, School , Shopping Mall, Showroom, Warehouse, etc. 2. Do I live in the right climate for the evaporative cooler?In areas experiencing high temperatures and low humidity, evaporative coolers effectively lower temperatures to as low as 20 – 40 degrees Fahrenheit. However, in instances of high humidity, the cooler cannot cool you down effectively. Check your location’s summertime temperatures as well as relative humidity to determine whether the cooling system will work for you. 3. What are the benefits of using a Portable Evaporative Cooler?Super Energy Efficient:Using portable air coolers is very cost-effective to cool your place without spending much money on electricity. Swamp coolers cost up to 50 percent less than air conditioners that use refrigerated cooling systems. Imagine that, a 36-inch swamp cooler working for 8 hours typically costs you less than Rs. 20 Because the operating costs needed are only for water and electricity. Even some swamp cooler designs don’t need any electricity. Zero EmissionsSince the system leaves a low level of carbon footprint, it produces no emissions. Unlike other traditional cooling systems, the evaporative cooler has no refrigerant gas or compressor. Furthermore, it releases no toxic chemicals in the air. Swamp cooling systems use no refrigerants that potentially harm the environment. Most refrigerant chemicals used in air conditioning systems deplete the earth’s ozone layer. As a result, they cause global warming to occur. Prevent of Air PollutionThe cooler is fitted with a filter to help filter out odor-causing pollutants and dirt from the indoor atmosphere. Consequently, the quality of indoor air in your rooms will be improved significantly. Apart from being eco-friendly, the cooler additionally safeguards the rooms of your home from air pollution. The Airy Plant is yet another highly innovative product widely used to purify air in an efficient way without energy. Portable and PracticalYou can easily drag the cooler to any room. You can also pack the device easily, as it was designed to be moved around effortlessly. Cost-Effective SetupUnlike the traditional air conditioners, you can set up your portable evaporative cooler in an inexpensive way. These systems are cost-efficient considering there is no need to set aside any amount for installing the device. You can buy the evaporating cooler from the online stores and simply install it in any of your rooms. After a certain period has elapsed, it is recommended that you clean the water tank, the motor, and filter components. Thankfully, you can perform the tasks with no prior expertise or experience. Adds MoistureThe evaporative cooling devices boost the level of moisture inside your home. Therefore, if you live in a region that experiences dryer climatic conditions, the cooler will come in handy. The standard AC systems have a major downside. Unlike the evaporative cooler, the traditional AC units take out moisture from the environment indoors. Note that eliminating moisture from the indoor atmosphere potentially causes breathing difficulties. Furthermore, it is likely to cause cracking or drying of skin. 4. Is there any shortcomings of using Evaporative Air Coolers?Since Evaporative Cooling Systems increase the level of humidity inside homes, do not use them in areas of humid climates. When compared to the traditional AC systems, Evaporative Coolers cool down your home to higher temperatures. Moreover, they require basic maintenance at least once every month. Portable air coolers are designed to use water continually. In the locations having limited supply of water, homeowners might be wary of adding the cooler considering their water-use impact. In areas experiencing low-humidity, evaporating water in the air allows homeowners to enjoy a highly energy-efficient and natural cooling method. Swamp Coolers work using this concept. These coolers cool the exterior air by letting it flow over water soaked pads. This, in turn, causes water in the pads to evaporate in the cooled air. The cooler air which reaches temperatures of between 15 °F – 40 °F is then guided into the house. The warmer air, on the other hand, is pushed outside through the windows. 5. The Differences Between Portable Air Coolers & Fans & Air ConditionersFighting the burning summer heat can be difficult. Therefore, the decision to buy an Air Cooler, AC system or fan presents you with options worth considering during summer. Even so, it is important that you choose the right device because each one has its own pros and cons. An air conditioner circulates the internal air of the room over and over again, whereas an air cooler pulls fresh air from outside and then cools it down. Also, air cooler doesn’t make the air overly dry like an air conditioner. Because of the way it operates, an air cooler offers better quality of air for your room. So much so, that the air circulated from an air cooler is preferable for people with asthma or dust allergy. 6. How To Select The Ideal Size Of Swamp Cooler For Your RoomThe Evaporative Air Coolers are rated in terms of CMH (Cubic Meters Per Hour) of air delivered into a home. A vast majority of these coolers range between 2,500 – 13,000 Cubic Meters Per Hour. The manufacturers of the air cooling systems recommend that you provide sufficient air-moving capacity. Note that the capacity should range between twenty to forty air changes every hour based on the environment. Here’s some suggestions for your reference: So how to calculate CMH(m³/h) requirement of your Cooler ?There is a simple way to calculate. Just follow the example to calculate the CMH of the cooler.Room Length: 6 metersRoom Width: 5 metersRoom Height: 3 metersVolume of the Room: Length x Width x Height = 6 x 5 x 3 = 90 m³Number of times the air need to be replaced in an hour: 20 timesTotal volume of Air to be replaced in one hour: 90 cubic meters x 20 times = 1800 cubic meters per hourThis is the CMH (cubic meters per hour) requirement for your cooler: 1800 m³/hSo if the airflow of the single unit is 1800 CMH, you need one unit. Or if the airflow of the single unit is 900 CMH, you’ll need 2 units.SQUARE METER AREA X CEILING HEIGHT X AIR EXCHANGE TIMES = CMH OF AIRFLOW NEEDED.If you determining the ideal size and type of Evaporative Air Cooler, the next step involves choosing a brand. Kaybee who can meet such requirements and will be a good choice when you consider to choose a Air coolers manufacturer in Punjab, India.


Air Coolers - The Best Way To Stay Cool At Home


Air Coolers - The Best Way To Stay Cool At Home

As summer slowly creeps in, we all prepare to get ready to face the harsh sun and fortify ourselves against the sweltering heat. We all know that there’s nothing much we can do about the rising mercury levels outside, but we can definitely make our houses more comfortable and survivable. If you are wondering how? It’s as simple as investing in a good air cooler or an air conditioner. If air conditioners are too expensive for you, then the next-best thing to consider is definitely an air cooler.There are a lot of air coolers available in the market today, and picking the right one is not easy-peasy. You need to look into several factors, such as the area of your house or the room that needs to be cooled, the temperature outside and different features. Air Coolers - The Best Way to Stay Cool at Home The first thought that comes to our mind when we think of summers is holidays! Yes, schools and most colleges remain closed for a few months before the start of a new academic year so kids get ample time to try out a new hobby, learn a new sport, explore their creativity, and play with their friends. But, summer is also the hottest season of the year, which means that the temperature will be too hot to step outside and it also becomes unbearable to stay indoors. Even though we cannot do anything to control the outdoor temperature, we can make sure that our home is cool and comfortable. The best and cost-effective way to beat the summer heat is by investing in air coolers for your home. You can check out the huge collection of coolers online. You can buy the perfect ones for your home by choosing from the popular brand Kaybee Air Coolers. Types of Air Coolers Air coolers are the perfect appliances that you can install in a home. There are several types of coolers - room / personal coolers, desert coolers, tower coolers, and window coolers. Room coolers or personal coolers are compact in size and are perfect to cool small- to medium-sized rooms. They have slightly smaller capacity water tanks than outdoor coolers. Most of these appliances consume less energy and operate silently. Depending on the model, you can add cold water or ice in the tank to enjoy efficient cooling. You can explore some of the best personal/room coolers online that are offered by Kaybee Air Coolers Desert coolers, on the other hand, are larger in size when compared to personal coolers. These coolers are primarily used to cool large-sized rooms. They work best in dry climate regions. The tank capacity of these appliances is also larger than room coolers so you can stay cool for a longer time. Desert air coolers are also perfect for use outdoors, for example, on your terrace, balcony, or backyard. Check out some of the popular models online that are sold by Kaybee Air Coolers.Now that you are informed, go ahead and invest in a quality air coolers by Kaybee Air Coolers to keep the sweltering heat away.  


Cut Costs In Your Business With Kaybee Commercial Air Coolers


Cut Costs In Your Business With Kaybee Commercial Air Coolers

Have you ever analysed the hidden costs of running your business? From permits and licences to equipment, machinery and employee expenses, there are umpteen costs that a business owner incurs. There is one simple step that will save you an ocean of expenses - the installation of kaybee Commercial Series the best air coolers for business. businesses are in operation for a minimum of 9 hours every day which means that the cooling technology is producing exorbitant electricity bills. This can dip into your operational costs and in turn affect the profitability of your business. It is important to replace your HVAC system with a more cost-effective cooling system like kaybee Commercial Series Air Coolers. How does kaybee Commercial Series help reduce costs? Following are the benefits of this new technology of cooling: 1. No cost of installation : The cost of installing a kaybee Commercial Series Air Cooler is Zero. Air coolers don’t require you to get them installed before you can start using them. You can simply fill water in the tank and plug the power button to begin experiencing cool air instantly. For air conditioners, you can’t start using them after buying unless installed. You need to make proper adjustments in the window and wall in case of the window and split ACs to install them. Kaybee provide assistance to choose best Air Cooler for your business according to space. 2. Low power consumption : kaybee Commercial Series consumes only 1/10th of electricity as compared to other cooling solutions. This ensures that there is the maximum efficiency of cooling in all the spots and corners of the office while keeping the electricity bills low. Thus, kaybee Commercial Series is 90% more energy efficient. 3. Low maintenance costs : kaybee Commercial Series has low maintenance costs as compared to other cooling systems. They need to be checked only when they are non-operational for a long period of time. In addition. Furthermore, the design for kaybee Commercial Series is executed by experienced professionals who have ensured a leakproof design thereby avoiding any leakage problems. 4. Low operating costs : One unit of kaybee Commercial Series is able to cool 2000 sq. ft. which means that the cost of cooling your office space comes down to Rs. 1 per square foot per month. Thus, the ROI of installing a kaybee Commercial Series is within 7 months of installation.kaybee Commercial Series is a unique concept of air-cooling which enables you to keep your floor cool and comfortable with minimal cost. kaybee Commercial Series also maintains a constant flow of fresh air which minimizes the risk of air-borne infections. To know about Kaybee Commercial Series Air Coolers and cost, visit us now!